​What is Scandinavian design?
What is Scandinavian design and how do you get the Scandinavian style in your home? We explain how to get this design and the main elements of this style:


​Interior design and communications manager of Ikea, Craig Ritchie shared: “Scandinavian style consists of 3 main components: functional, simple and beautiful. Although simple in design, the lines are often combined with discreet and warm elegance, creating a very simple feeling. ”
Scandinavia is a place name in part or the whole of Northern Europe, the style of Scandinavian houses is a style of elegance, ruler and courtesy.
You can see the Nordic style prefer white, gray, earthy colors and natural rough materials.


The main components that help you create the perfect Scandinavian design style for your home or apartment are:
- White
- The wood
- The light
- Clear pattern with delicate colors

Craig Ritchie said, "A Scandinavian-style room always needs a fresh, simple feel and light is one of the simplest ways to achieve this."


​Clear patterns with delicate colors
The gray, white and subtle earth tones are the most common paint colors in Scandinavian houses. These colors are mixed with the bold colors of delicate patterns. They not only accentuate the color tones of the pattern, but also make your home extremely luxurious, for example on the white tone background, the chairs and pillows with simple pattern strokes. but unique to become extremely attractive point of view or simply paintings with subtle simple strokes are attractive points to strangely.


​Like many other interior design styles, Scandinavian style does not show a look, it is a style that has been developed over the years. There are many ideas and influences to create a Scandinavian style. From the traditional and the rustic, where folk-inspired textiles to another side, to the contemporary Scandivian interior can be described as a minimalist style, suitable for every family.
Hopefully this article has helped you understand more about this simple yet sophisticated Scandinavian design style!

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